The hour we knew too much of each other

Back at the Radialsystem V

Foto: Dieter Hartwig


Next Performances:
20th - 22nd October
Radialsystem V, Berlin






With The hour we knew too much of each other, Nico and the Navigators have returned to the roots of their work. As in earlier works, they magnify the quirks of daily life to examine the origins of ritual human interaction and inconsistencies.

A playful look is cast on the people who collide into one another and the unexpected ways in which they deal with the arising situations. In today’s world, where communication occurs primarily through the media and thinking is rather “outdated”, such situations can prove comically challenging. Despite how fleeting such moments are, they tend to leave deep scars.

New musical interpretations of songs, from Bonnie “Prince” Billy to Benjamin Britten, pick up the beat of life, random and strict.


‘The hour we knew too much of each other‘ truly proves the unbroken phantasmagoric power of the Navigators. (Tagesspiegel)


Its a sparkling, often funny and sometimes deeply tragic collage of life in our self-inflicted lack of understanding. (Mitteldeutsche Zeitung)


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