andropolaroid 1.1

DanceLight Performance by and with Yui Kawaguchi


Next shows:
1st, 2nd and 3rd february | 19:00
Uferstudios - Studio 14






Sounds shoot through the air, like warnings shattering the silence enclosing the room. The flickering of light, the undertow of sound and a curiosity for this strange world drives the dance of Japanese artist Yui Kawaguchi in „andropolaroid 1.1“, a performance about the personal experiences she has made leaving Japan to settle in Germany.

With the support of Nico and the Navigators the successful production returns to the Uferstudios in February 2018.


„Fabian Bleisch’s expanse of lights is an overwhelming sight. Short white neon tubes hang in precise rows over the stage like seedlings in a tree nursery… Nimbly and supply Yui Kawaguchi speeds her way through the bewildering lattice without ever touching any of it... She’s a formidable dancer with solid technique who here conveys a piece of autobiography as exciting as it is convincing. It all makes for a touching and authentic evening.“

„This exceptional and maverick choreographer convinces once again with a technicist solo work.“


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