The Future of Yesterday

Menschenbilder 2.0



Premiere: 2. October 2018

Further representations: 4th-7th October





With the premiere of "The Future of Yesterday" Nico and the Navigators return to the Sophiensæle exactly 20 years after their capital debut - the site of their Berlin foundation. In October 1998 they showed there their first production I was also once in America, which led to success and breakthrough in the Berlin theatre scene. This was followed by seven formative years as "artists in residence", during which they sharpened their intimate view of grotesque everyday behaviour, combining language, movement, space and music to form a unique theatrical language and forming their first productions Lucky Days, Fremder!, Eggs on Earth and Lilli in putgarden into a triptych of human images.

A renewed confrontation with the social and technical utopias of this past seems overdue. Topics of this revision are farewell and loss, the inability to make existential decisions, the distortions in the modern world of work or questions about the meaning of the world of things in a turbo-capitalist age.

"The future of yesterday" is an artistic discourse of the navigators - an individual and collective confrontation of the company with former dreams and fears, with the future of that time and the consequences of today.

Is it too late to start too early? "("Eggs on Earth" 2000)


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