Heaven in pity

Heaven in pity

Otto Falckenberg Schule meets Nico and the Navigators

©Jean-Marc Turmes

Premiere: 4th December 2018
Further performances: 5th December 2018





"How much intoxication does society need - and which drug is on trend today?" Together with students from Munich's Otto Falckenberg School of the Performing Arts, director Nicola Hümpel develops an evening of music and theater about the desire to let go and both the calculated and the uncontrollable excess of bodily ecstasy, as well as the cause and effect of intoxication and anesthesia.

Three students in their third year use scenic and musical improvisations to explore themselves as well as societal effects of states of intoxication. They are accompanied by guitarist Tobias Weber, percussionist Philipp Kullen and singer Ted Schmitz from the ensemble Nico and the Navigators.


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