Yui Kawaguchi & Aki Takase - Die Stadt im Klavier IV



 “Die Stadt im Klavier” is a series of process-like encounters between the duo of the dancer and prominent Navigator Yui Kawaguchi and the jazz-pianist Aki Takase. They have already met three times on stage and created the pieces “Kanon” (2007), “Forte” (2008) and “Tarantella” (2009). As part of the KlangZuGang series produced by Nico and the Navigators, they presented in february 2011 their forth collaboration - Chaconne.


The subtle grasp each performer has of her own form of artistic expression extends to that of her counterpart, allowing Yui Kawaguchi and Aki Takase to weave a spectacular web of sound and movement. Inspired by the sensual languidness of the chaconne, they will re-examinate this old form with multilayered colour contrasts and time changes. All this takes place within the poetic installation of the artist Kazue Taguchi, who transforms the stage into a sea of light reflections.



Produced as part of the series of staged concerts KlangZuGang, for which NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS recieve a three-year grant from the German Federal Government through the Fonds Darstellende Künste. In association with the Sophiensæle. Supported by and produced in Dock 11 Eden*****. Officially selected to perform in the celebrations marking 150 Years of Friendship Germany-Japan 2011. Sincere thanks to Yamaha and the PianoGalerie Berlin.

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