Shakespeare's Sonnets


HATE ME when thou wilt...


Nico and the Navigators stage ten of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets together with the British narrator and longtime Navigator Charles Adrian Gillott, the sound artist and musician Sebastian Herzfeld and actors from the Puppentheater Halle to create an intimate production.

Out of the poems emerge stories and when the words become ambiguous is when the Navigators metaphoric and musical fantasy unfolds in all its diversity. This production celebrates Shakespeare’s discordant and strong texts, which can be more relevant than a lot of today’s contemporary lyric. They deal with nothing simpler then the subjects as love, sex, success, loss, desire and immortality.

Nicola Hümpel utilizes the challenge of translation and has the characters exchange bilingual dialogues. Rather than working with surtitles she allows the different figures to use both languages and finds playful ways to create German versions of the English originals.



A production of the Puppentheaters Halle in cooperation with Nico and the Navigators. Part of the series of staged concerts KlangZuGang, for which Nico and the Navigators are the beneficiaries of a three-year sponsorship from Berlin's Fonds Darstellende Künste (Performing Arts Fund).


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