Past projects


In ihrer zweiten gemeinsamen Produktion widmen sich Nico and the Navigators und Franui dem monumentalen Opern- und Oratorienwerk G. F. Händels und entwerfen mit ihrem Pasticcio eine eigene barocke Fantasie zwischen rauschhaft-betäubender Opulenz und apollinischer Klarheit.

Obwohl ich Dich kenne

In this piece examining friendship, four Navigators tell of self-imposed forced relationships and amicable conspiracies. Accompanied by violin and piano, they stick their fingers in the wounds of time with irony, humour and an eye for life's minor catastrophes.

Wo Du nicht bist

In collaboration with the Austrian musical ensemble Franui, which develops its own distinct interpretation of Schubert songs, eight Navigators go in search of the emotional strength derived from moments of happiness as well as their metaphysical abyss.

HELden & kleinMUT

In an age when fear produces minor heroes and major quacks, when boredom induces us to buy antibacterial soap for deep-down-clean hygiene, but all the while we do nothing in the face of the real threats to our existence, Nico and the Navigators question their own fears, deviations and excuses.

Kain, Wenn & Aber

Who is not familiar with the pleasure and burden of decision-making? How much courage does it take? How much freedom is involved? Using symbols and snapshots that alternatively strike a chord or alienate, the ensemble approaches these existential questions and takes a look at life decisions as well as the daily agony of choice.

Der Familienrat

By taking on the family, the Navigators shine a light on yet another building block of society and investigate the mysterious rules and rituals of this constitutional human constellation. At the piece's conclusion the spectator decides which family history he wants to enter into with which protagonist.

Lilli in Putgarden

Do objects have a soul? Do they speak to us? How do objects establish connections with human histories and when does our respect for them become so great that we no longer dare to change them? Nico and the Navigators allow objects to expand through a dramatic retelling into a cosmos of their own.

Eggs on Earth

The second piece in the 'Human Images' cycle presents a host of ludicrous horror scenarios drawn from everyday working life. Seven enduring archetypes, from the boss to the lowly employee, bring insight and humour to their close examination of the all too familiar daily struggle for existence.

Lucky days, Fremder!

In their first piece, Nico and the Navigators investigate the various forms and rituals involved in taking one's leave. Taking leave of people and places, taking leave of phases of life and of existence itself










With her first staging of an opera Nicola Hümpel dedicates herself to one of G. F. Handel's masterpieces: the “magical opera” around Orlando's madness of love. What man today would grow mad if his beloved would not yield to him? It seems it was more than possible in the days when men were knights and heroes.

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