Sensibles Chaos

A theatrical homage to water by Lisa Seidel-Kukuk


Last year Nicola Hümpel mentored the young student director and performer Lisa Seidel-Kukuk through her final theatrical project at the Bern University of Arts. The result is the expressive and sensual piece Sensibles Chaos, which now has been  premiered in Berlin at the start of June in association with NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS.


The violent and brutal power of water fascinates us. But its inherent poetry, beauty and appeal can also be terrifying. Inspired by ancient mythology, poems, religion, political developments and personal memories, Sensibles Chaos is a theatrical homage to water.


Sink down or resurface? Plunge in? Plunge in.


What does water sound like? Does water have its own language and grammar? In the age of the greatest infestation of water within living memory, the performers try to find answers to this and other questions. They explore the babbling of brooks, the thundering of waterfalls, the pattering of rain, the rushing of the surf, the sound of being underwater, and also the messages contained in water, in crying, drinking, swimming and dying of thirst.


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