Force and Freedom

A Beethoven Project

Force and Freedom are the poles between which Ludwig van Beethoven's life and work can be placed. This becomes clear in his late work, which breaks through the boundaries of form, becomes fragile and comes to previously unknown freedom and radicality. "The late quartets lead us into a remote spiritual world ... The matter becomes insignificant, and what appears to us to be compositional mastery is actually casual and effortless, even careless, because the composer is no longer occupied with questions of style ... a music in passing ... Mild and pensive, spun into esoteric melos, exorbitant in excitement; then again it is a crying music, or it asks for love, of which it knows everything and says everything and which does not come, and of which music knows that it will not come" (H. W. Henze).

What does it mean to appropriate Beethoven's last works with all one's senses? How much courage does it take to get involved in strong emotions, pain and loss, longing and love, anger and hope? And what does that have to do with us today? In their examination of Beethoven, Nico and the Navigators and the Kuss Quartet will go in search of traces - from historical sources to the present day. Packing, sensual music theatre with the highest musical standards.

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