Obwohl ich Dich kenne

Intelligent enemies and better halves



What happens when individuals who are striving for a common cause involuntarily fall foul of one another? Does friendship depend upon a common purpose, and what happens when there is nothing more left to do? What rules of the game are appropriate to what purpose? Is it hypocritical to be friendly without love? Is one better off with an intelligent enemy than with a stupid friend? Who do we remember at the end of the day?


In Obwohl ich Dich kenne (Event Though I Know you), NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS defiantly, and with an eye to minor catastprophes, stick their fingers in the wounds of time, tell of conspiracies in friendship and self-imposed forced relationships. In a dialogue with violin and keyboard they unremittingly seek to awaken and keep alive the interests of others.


 ... What I find good about you is that the people you like lose their scepticism towards me and say nice things about me behind my back.  Until your final days I will cherish you, my intelligent adversary, more than a stupid friend...”


For Event Though I Know you the ensemble’s research included the exchange of letters between the friends Schiller and Goethe; Wagner and Nietzsche; and Hermann Hesse and Thomas Mann. Monolithic chunks of quotation intermingle with the Navigators’ idiosyncratic muddling of language and improvisations. Brought into the discourse are definitions and concepts of friendship straddling all epochs through to the globalised 21st century.


A production by NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS and KAMPNAGEL Hamburg. In coproduction with the International Figurentheater Festival of Erlangen, the Grand Theatre Groningen, Inteatrofestival Polverigi, and the Festival de Marseille. In cooperation with the Radialsystem, Berlin. Supported by Land Berlin, Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and Rusch Stiftung.

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