OFS – Oderbruch

OFS Oderbruch

“Oranges have been coming from exotic countries to less exotic ones like ours for years. Scientists now came up with the idea of rotating the earth a little.”

The uptight television announcer Werner goes on the air with TV Oderbruch. Perhaps for the last time, because in his crooked suit he is making up the news tonight because the teleprompter has broken down. But it may be that the feelings that still develop between the man in sunglasses and his armchair and what all this has to do with the sleepwalking hysterical woman will become clear.

After Bionade & Börsencrash (2010), Nico and the Navigators bring the acting students of the Otto Falckenberg School to Berlin once again to present the workshop results of the current third year. Since 2008, director Nicola Hümpel has been testing her navigational method at the Munich academy: during an intensive work phase, the students are improvisationally guided to the point of total sensory overload in order to develop their own scenes and characters step by step with the resulting body language. In the course of time, the fragments condense into an absurd collage of the most diverse images and landscapes of thought from which the audience can spin their own mental cinema.


A production of the Otto Falckenberg School in co-production with NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS. 


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