sweet surrogates


In their new play, NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS devote themselves to the sweet excuses that promise an unboundedness of consciousness without unpleasant side effects. But is the substitute as good as the original? Is the toned-down excitement enough for us because we shy away from the risk of extremes? And in the end, isn’t art also a surrogate for life?

After the great longing formulated most recently in “Lost in Loops”, the chamber version takes a more concentrated and sceptical look at the subject of intoxication. For the euphoria longed for after the pandemic has failed to materialise, new crises are shaking the world – and the desire for redemption in ecstasy seems more urgent than ever. With its musically streamlined version, the ensemble celebrates its 25th anniversary at the Radialsystem: a party full of energy and sweet seduction – as well as sober moments.

An expanded view of reality is also promised by the AR performance “You have to render your life!”, which will also be shown during the festival week – sweet surrogates? 


An anniversary production celebrating the 25th anniversary of the company, supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and funds from the DKLB Foundation. In co-production with Konzerthaus Berlin and in cooperation with Radialsystem.

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